Idea roulette is the place to get reviews of your ideas.

How does it work?

Easy, you log in with your google account and describe your idea. You then review someone elses idea and get credit for doing so. If you have more than 0 credits you start automatically getting reviews for your idea. You can create as many ideas as you like, but you need to have credits to get them reviewed.

But won't someone steal my idea?

Well.. I don't want to be rude but many experts think that ideas by themself are worthless so you should concentrate on executing your idea and not on the possibility of someone stealing it.

But if ideas are worthless why should I review them?

Ideas are worthless without execution. If you execute them properly they might be worth a lot. The problem is that not every idea with good execution is worth thousand of dollars. Idea Roulette helps you finding the best of your ideas, so you can execute that one.

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What they say about us

...reviewing ideas is addictive, and a lot of fun! --Adriano Ferrari